More About Me

How did I get here?

I was a raised in Colbert, Washington, a rural area just north of Spokane, on five acres of land that my family built and maintained over the years. Our family property was the first home that I sold, or rather helped sell, because I was only twelve years old at the time. I helped with showing the home to prospective buyers, which I quickly realized was a substantially important role when it came to selling a home. From that point on I decided to become involved in the family business, and assisted with the construction of the next three homes that my family built.

At the age of fourteen I caught racing fever, and developed a passion for motocross, which spanned the next twenty-five years of my life until an unfortunate accident at Airway Heights Motocross Park in 2013, resulting in sixteen days in Sacred Heart Medical Center. There were many exciting and trying times in motocross, but it instilled in me invaluable lessons that I still carry with me today. I learned the importance of multi-tasking, work-life balance, how to run a business on a budget, and managing race and travel expenses. 

I graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Soil Science, after which I moved to the Portland/Vancouver area to pursue a career as an environmental contractor. Shortly after, I started my own Environmental Contracting and Consulting firm that handled thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions, where environmental clean-up work or reports were needed. Aside from learning what environmental issues to look out for when building, or rehabbing property, I also became very familiar with the processes and regulations of the real estate market. I owned and operated my consulting firm for the next ten years, and began investing in the real estate market. This included numerous buying and selling transactions for homes and acreages, as well as purchase to rental properties. This experience helped me see just how much fun being a landlord and property manager can be!

I built my own first home the year my daughter was born! Three years later, I sold it when I found my first major real estate investment, an old home on twenty-two acres of dividable land. I began a full remodel of the home, gutted and renovated it. When it was to my liking I started the process of dividing the twenty-two acres, leaving twelve acres for myself to build my dream home on.

At the peak of real estate market in 2007 I decided to sell my business and property, and move back to Spokane. I took a job working for the state of Idaho Transportation Department as an Environmental planner, while obtaining my Washington real estate license. 

Life seemed to follow the same cycles as the real estate market, taking me to the lowest of lows during my divorce, and then rebounding several years later. I believe that the trying times in life can help teach the most valuable lessons. In 2017, after the real estate market picked back up I re-listed the twenty-two-acre home, and closed a long overdue sale.

Being a real estate agent takes a lot of hard work, determination, time and money; all things I had to learn how to acquire in order to become a successful business owner.  All of my experiences, accidents, failures, hardships, and successes have taught me what it takes to become what I’ve always wanted to be. My background, though I may not have seen it initially, served me well when it came to dealing with savvy investors seeking to profit off of environmental liabilities. I’ve dedicated my life to real estate, but more so to helping people.  Whether it is finding the perfect lake house, cabin, or brand new home, I offer a wealth of experience and trust that I believe is hard to find these days.